go drag! women celebrate cross dressing International Festival 27.6 – 25.7.2002 Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin co-directed/co-curated by Diane Torr and Bridge Markland fully funded by Haupstadtkulturfonds In 2001 Diane Torr and Bridge Markland developed the go drag! festival concept. Their intention was to create an exceptional and innovative event which has never happened in this particularly special format before, bringing together internationally acclaimed female gender artists of various genres and mediums. These artists come from a variety of backgrounds, such as dance, theatre, comedy, performance art, cross-dressing, film and photography.  The performances include drag kings, “women in trousers roles”, cross-dressers, women performing masculine and feminine roles, women playing and experimenting with ideas of androgyny/identity/self-representation in performance. go drag! archive

go drag!