Artist’s Statement by Diane Torr:

As a dancer/performer, I am concerned with the mechanics, the “beingness” of what I am – a physical mass moving through space. I observe structures within my environment that have resonances in my own body. For instance, the compression forces caused by glacier action millions of years ago bring to mind the compression forces constantly acting in my body – the vertebrae loaded one on top of the other in my spine and the opposing

tensile force which allows a lifting up the front of the body, and is an essential aid to postural alignment in the upright position. Within the buildings that I visit and inhabit. I am conscious of the architectural pulls and thrusts. I think of how these mechanics are also reflected in my body – the flying buttress action in the trusses in ceilings correspond to the action of the greater and lesser trochanters in the thigh bones, which act as a counterbalancing force to the weight from the pelvis as it is constantly being passed into the legs, and feet.

Many older people feel lonely when their family has gone. I am interested in bringing an awareness of a sense of belonging that comes from being part of the universe. It is not dependent on recognition from another person. Validation comes from simply being alive on the planet. I am interested in fostering an acknowledgement of identity as something that is strongly connected to the macrocosm. I have a desire to investigate age with ancient; time with matter; the body to its material surroundings; and the universality of the emotions that connect all humans on the planet.

Licence to Pucker is a collaboration between Diane Torr, Inari Virmakoski, Katja Kiuri and Pirkko Uitto (Bridget) which began when Diane has a residency with the Eskus Arts and Performance Center, Helsinki in February 2014, and culminated in a performance at the Geology Museum, Arppeanum, Helsinki

An Invitation from the GrayCube Gallery, Helsinki, to perform in one of the old polar bear cages at Helsinki Zoo in July/August allowed for the continuation of the collaboration. Licence to Pucker2 was the result and was performed by the group on August 2, 2014.

Here is a clip:



Licence to Pucker